I am a simple man and I have a simple plan: I carry a camera with me everywhere and intend to live forever so I have time to capture all the wonders of the world and learn the sum of all knowledge.

My first word as a baby was "f-stop" and I built a pinhole camera almost before I could walk. My earliest extant photo is a shot I took of my mother on my eighth birthday. Six decades and several intervening hobbies later, I am now enjoying it more than ever.

Other interests include astronomy (I build my own telescopes, including the optics), off-shore sailing, dancing, biking, downhill skiing. I am lucky to share my life with a fabulous wife who tolerates my passion (and loves to dance.)

I took an early retirement package from IBM in 1993, did some consulting for a few years, and ran a tech startup for a few more. I retired completely (and irrevocably) in January of 2000.